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Browse the unique taste of our products. Try out our recipes, explore our tips and tricks and enjoy Chalkidikis Poultry at your table. Our food blog, signed by renowned food blogger Dimitris Koparanis is dedicated to all things poultry.

Open tart with chicken gizzards

Offal is a favorite delicacy for gourmet connoisseurs. The tart is the perfect appetizer for a large gathering or a friendly meeting.

Sweet & sour party chicken wings

The ultimate party food for any gathering, from a kid’s party to the Champions League finals.

Chicken fillet with gruyere cheese

If you thought chicken fillet is boring and dry, you should try this recipe.

The perfect roast chicken

The most appropriate way to serve a perfect roast chicken.

Beer and rosemary chicken drumsticks

Juicy and flavorful, this recipe will definitely become your favorite. Serve with extra cold beer.  

Lemon chicken with noodles

Try a recipe with intensity and Indian flavors. The chicken, cut into small pieces will be ready in a few minutes.  

Chicken livers with Metaxa brandy

Chicken livers are tasty and very nutritious. This recipe will be ready in minutes and is absolutely delicious.

Pasta with chicken mince and feta

Chicken, pasta, tomato sauce and feta cheese make this recipe the ultimate comfort Greek flavor.   

Chicken thighs with yoghurt sauce

Yoghurt, with its light acidity makes the perfect marinade in this intensely tasty recipe.  

Chicken breast with white wine and peas

Healthy tastes so good in this dish. Try it and you'll see what we mean.  

Crispy chicken with mushrooms

Chicken makes a perfect match with mushrooms and thyme. Try this one for a delicious and hearty chicken dinner.

Braised chicken with orzo

A dish that tastes like Sunday afternoons and can be enjoyed anywhere from a casual family dinner to the most formal dining experience.