About Us

The Company
Focusing on the future and constant development with respect to a tradition of quality, Halkidiki Poultry A. Karagiannakis SA, is among the leading processors and marketers of poultry products. Staffed with highly capable scientific and technical personnel and strong secondary production in N. Greece, the company has decisively contributed to the industrial development of the Halkidiki region and the development of the Greek poultry meat industry in general. In April 2011 the company was certified under ISO 22000: 2005 and also operates a fully developed HACCP system.
Our History
It started as a family business in 1970 by Andrew Karagiannakis, a man with extensive experience in the poultry industry; whose work and vision today is continued by his two children, based on the same values and high standards as its founder. In its 46 years of operation, Halkidiki Poultry A. Karagiannakis SA has succeeded to remain profitable despite the adverse conditions which hit the poultry industry at times, and continues on a stable growth-path almost half a century now, staying loyal to its basic principle and company motto "tradition of quality".
The company's 2.000sq.m poultry plant and slaughterhouse are located in a company owned 40-acre site in Galatista, Halkidiki. Both, the poultry plant and slaughterhouse are a state of the art technological unit with respect to quality assurance standards and consumer protection, certified with food safety management system according to EN ISO 22000: 2005. The production process is fully integrated and vertical up to the delivery of our goods to the retailer.
Halkidiki Chickens A. Karagiannakis SA products can be found throughout Greece. The company’s distribution network reaches almost every part of Greece, while the company is currently developing its exporting activity. A. Karagiannakis SA owns and operates a refrigerator- truck fleet of all types and categories, ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of our goods from the production site to the retailer and final consumer.